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Building software that matters.

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Let's build your product together! Accelerate your product development and get it out there. Show it off!


Problems? Tell us about it and we'll come up with a bespoke solution perfect for your needs.


We are not just contractors.
We work on ideas we believe in.

We can be your decidacted product development team or support you in a more flexible way.
We'll be your partners at every stage of product development. Here's some examples of what we can do:


Build an MVP minimal valuable product, so you can start validating your idea on the market.


Help in making fundamental course corrections regarding your product, client segment or technology.

Clean up

Spaghetti code stops you from making quick changes.
We'll clean it up and work it back into shape.

Scale up

You have a validated idea? Great! We'll prepare your product to scale up and rule the world.

Nortpoint works with understanding of the idea behind the project and use their comprehensive knowledge to utilize the best solutions available.
Rafał Witkowski, IC Solutions

Bespoke solutions

Collaboration to follow your vision

It is not about writing lines of code – we deliver value. The main goal is your success.
We believe in close collaboration with our clients, to make sure we know and follow their vision.

New applications

We take care of your app development from concept to final product.

Existing applications

We have years of experience in refactoring and working with legacy code. We'll help you adapt to changing business needs.

Expert advice

We'll help with architecture assessment, technology choice and more.

Our high requirements of teamwork and development are completly fulfilled. If we will need assistance in another project we will not hesitate to work together with Nortpoint again.
Michael Förster, S+S SoftwarePartner GmbH


We worked with Nortpoint on the front end for the live demo of our product. Working together with them was a pleasure, both on the technical side and the administrative side. The Nortpoint team was happy to communicate with us and collaborate closely. We planned each week-long sprint together. Nortpoint delivered results on time and informed us about any changes as soon as they came up. They were honest and open about the costs, and willing to work on a tight schedule. We are satisfied with what Nortpoint produced. We can recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, down-to-earth and startup-friendly contractor.
Jagoda Pieścicka, NuDelta
Nortpoint's experienced development team provided top quality support for a couple of our products, solving even the most challenging problems. It would be very difficult to manage our complex projects without their professional service. iStream's craft depends on the reliability of the tools we use. We could always count on Nortpoint's team, their knowledge and professionalism. We found them easy to work with, highly communicative and dedicated to our shared success.
Piotr Damian, iStream


We always choose the best tool for solving our client’s business problem.
We don’t limit ourselves to just one technology. We won’t limit you, either.
In our recent projects, we've used:











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